Monday, October 27, 2008

Some sweet scenes to check out in d-town Bidds.
Franklin Street Art Space is a contemporary art gallery started by Tammy and Russell who are really cool people. Great space, great light, great floors, if you're in Biddeford, it's worth a wander down Franklin Street.
Hog Farm Studios has a concert series, a great show was on the other night with the following artists that I recommend checking out if you're not yet acquainted with,
Tom Thumb
Run on Sentence
Midwest Dilemma

My cousin is working at the Gulf of Maine Research Institute, she does things in a lab with zooplankton, fascinating subject. The word planktos (which the latter part of zooplankton originates from) means "wanderer" or "drifter", really beautiful right? everything in the ocean eats zooplankton, they get crushed by sea life, think about that.