Wednesday, June 18, 2008

The Bennington Monument: Massive and Lofty

The other day I drove through my very first hometown, Bennington, VT where the Bennington Monument exists, in all its massive loftiness, (or so claim the tourist brochures). The Bennington Monument is 306 feet tall and for the price of 2 dollars one can take a thrifty ride on an elevator to 200 feet. At 200 feet you can see NY, VT, MA and NH and on the North side of the monument there are fossils of crustaceans in the rock. The Battle of Bennington which the monument commemorates was fought on NY ground, and the place of the monument was the destination of the British troops in need of supplies. Seth Warner and the Green Mountain Boys ended it before the battle moved onto VT land...etc.etc (insert history lesson here). The quote by General Stark "live free or die, death is not the worst of all evils" (adopted by NH as their license plate bligitty blinger) was spoken in a speech after the battle at the location of the Bennignton Monument. It's cool. you should see it.

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