Monday, July 7, 2008

J. Kosuth Meets Worlds Largest Chair (all in my head)

Gardner, Massachusetts is known as "chair city" and claims they have the worlds largest chair. This chair sits on the front lawn of Gardner's public elementary school, as far as I can tell there is no other reason to go to Gardner, MA than to see this chair. Since seeing the chair I cannot stop thinking about Joseph Kosuth, "One and Three Chairs" in which Kosuth presents a chair, an image of a chair and a dictionary definition of a chair. In this piece things like an object and the physical representation of it, a concept and the means of presentation of the concept are explored. The connection between language (definition) picture and actual physical object is presented to the viewer and the viewer quesitons what is real, what holds and makes meaning? Which element cannot stand on its own? If the defintion of the chair did not exist would I still know what a chair was for?
back to Gardner, MA: the largest chair in the world. Does that object, that no one can sit in, that exists in the yard of an elementary school really function as a chair and if it doesn't function as a chair does/can it possibly hold meaning as a chair? There's really no end or resolution to these thoughts so this blog ends here.

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