Monday, September 8, 2008

After my visit to the Bennington Memorial this summer (see previous blog entry to read about it) I have been really interested in the tourist brochures provided at such sites. I have collected many tourist brochures this summer, but my favorite has been the Bennington Battle Monument brochure. I'm stuck on the pictures of revolutionary war reenactments within the brochure and have been cutting out the pictures of the soldiers and making things with them. Since this is something that I am processing, I don't have any concrete statements to make about the things I'm making with them. (And since I'm not in Thesis I don't have one due! ha!). I know that I am interested in the idea of these brochures being mass-produced, that these war reenactments are in a way mass-produced as well (think Rauschenberg, copies of copies).
I have also been inserting these little soldiers onto postcards, displacing them from their context (which, if you consider it, is an already foreign context, as they are reenacting a piece of history today). A reenactment of the Green Mountain Boys documented and displaced.
Enough of that. Your comments are welcomed.

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Mari said...

i love what you are working on it's beautiful